Secure vault for your digital identity on blockchain

Vaultmagic will allow you to store and use your digital identity in the vault, immune to hacking, on your mobile device. And authenticate yourself on every digital service.

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About us

Vaultmagic aims at easing and securing your authentication on each and every digital service. You no longer need to remember complex usernames or passwords. It will do the authentication for you as long as it has your consent.

Vaultmagic will also serve as your digital ID with no hardware involved. The only hardware element required will be your smartphone containing your secure vault.

Your private vault will be backed by blockchain for secure and decentralised password and signature storage. No hacker or other third party can alter blockchain or tamper with it. It will provide the next generation of digital authentication and identification user experience.

Secure messenger and private cloud app on blockchain

Vaultmagic mobile app will allow you to do secure messaging and private cloud sharing. It will store your files in Zurich, Switzerland and share files securely as well as communicate privately with the ones you trust.

Vaultmagic mobile app will make complicated science of encrypted cloud easy to use. It will involve end-user into the key generation process. You can generate encryption keys with each and every contact in your address book whenever you want. You can shake your phone during the key generation process to make the encryption key more random and more secure.

Your private cloud will be backed by blockchain for data integrity and security. It guarantees that only trusted contacts will be able to access your data according to their permission level. Every access to your private cloud will be verified using independent and decentralised blockchain.